• 07.15.14

    Looks like we will be out a few weeks due to a bummed engine. Hopefully get it back soon and get back out there!

  • 12.06.13

    Cleveland Speedway on the hook again.

  • 12.06.13

    Gearing up for 2014? Are you ready?

  • 07.28.13

    We will be out of racing for a little while. Not sure for how long though.

  • 07.22.13

    Our new, team fire chief.

  • 07.21.13

    Went to Cleveland. Started in back of heat, finished in back of heat, loaded it back up in one piece to fight another day.

  • 07.17.13

    Well driveshaft is still in the car and still attached where it is supposed to be. Looks like it may be fixed so we shall see!

  • 07.16.13

    Going to make it over to practice at NGS to make sure everything is going to stay tight

  • 07.12.13

    Thought about going to the race track this weekend and riding around and maybe even get to finish a race.